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Snorkeling Tips in Maldives

Snorkeling in Maldives is one of the best ways of discovering the hidden world of underwater right over the shallow reefs. Almost all of the Resorts in Maldives have their own dive school offering snorkeling equipment’s to tourists. Experience the thundering world of water in the house of reefs. These dive schools take travelers on snorkeling trip to different reefs to appreciate the vibrant and contrasting aquatic life.

You can either buy your equipment’s or take it on rental basis.

# While buying a mask or taking on rental basis, select only that mask which fits to your face tightly. Examine snorkeling mask by wearing it without the strap. If the mask fits your face tightly without falling, then the mask is suitable for snorkeling.

# While snorkeling, it should be recommended to wear only those pair of fins, which give comfort.

# Before going on snorkeling adventure, check your equipment’s that whether they are intact or not.

# It is advisable to snorkel in the present of instructor or fellow snorkels.

# Grab knowledge of the ideal snorkeling site in Maldives and how to access them.

# Know the weather and tidal current beforehand to avoid any unprecedented danger.

# Take waterproof sunscreen to protect your skin against ultraviolet rays.

# Do not go inside the holes in the reef, it could turn out to be a den of a moray eel. Extreme care should be taken while entering the underwater world.

# Do not step in to coral formation.

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