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Hey Maldives Who Are We?
Whether you’re looking to explore a hot new culture of Maldives or just kicking back on a tropical beach, there’s nothing most of us would rather do with our spare time than travel. But the world is a big, big place and working out where to go and where to stay can really eat into that precious time.
That’s why we’re here. Hey Maldives 100%  Maldivian Owned Local Tour operator and travel agency that provides insider access, expert knowledge and exclusive deals on the world’s greatest vacation spots. We curate travel experiences, which means we assist you from choosing the destination that best suits you, to through your stay until your flight back home. 

Why Choose Us?
Booking your holiday with us is extremely easy. It’s flexible, we accept a whole range of payment methods including PayPal and we’re good at tailoring your vacation with what you need and what suites you best. With us, you can even split your vacation in to different resorts in Maldives. We also have a host of extra services including tour guide services, translators and other VIP services.
For every guest we can make special package that includes accomodation, meals, VIP transfer, activities, etc.
We offer exclusively low wholesale rates for our partners. Allowing them to access our markets and enable them to provide their clients and partners with attractive accommodation and packages.
Our 12 years of experience in industry and expertise ensure that we can provide the travelers an excellent holiday that matches their needs and budget

Our Exclusive Properties?
Azalea Cruise  ( Maldives Luxury Accommodation)  www.Azaleacruise.com 

Serene Sky Guest House www.sereneskyguesthouse.com 

Mathiveri Inn www.mathiveriinn.com

Dharavandhoo stay www.dharavandhoostay.com 

What Do We Offer?
With us there is no shortage of choices. With a collection of Hotels, Resorts, Guest Houses, Safaris/Liveaboards, you can get specialized packages include honeymoon, family, diving, yoga, wedding, and even eco-friendly tours.
Whatever activities you might be interested in, even if you’re more into simply enjoying the wonderfully warm waters, sunbath on the milky-white sandy beaches, renew your wedding vows, have a romantic getaway on your honeymoons and anniversaries, or even if you just want to host a business conferences or a meeting, we’ve got you covered.

Who Are Our Clients?
We represent a growing number of travel agents and tour operators from all over the world. We pride ourselves in the trust that our partners have for the value added services we provide and we always try to go to beyond the general expectations to help our travel agents, tour operators, industry associates and customers to enjoy a great Holiday.
With an entire collection of our own International Travel Partners, we also hold exclusive bed rights in many different properties including the highest standard of luxury resorts to low budget hotels. We encourage travel agents and tour operators to connect with us and to form partnerships with us, to ensure the best services from the destinations that we represent.

Hey Hey Maldives Private Limited is legally registered (C-0301/2012) in the Republic of Maldives as a Travel Agency and Tour Operator. Licensed (TRA862) and operating since year 2012, under the brand of Hey Maldives, our local office is located at Ma. Rose, Iskandharu Magu, 20237, Malé, Maldives.
We are also a registered Tax Payer, and our records can be verified from Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (www.mira.gov.mv).